Saturday, November 29, 2008

Difficult Transaction

Difficult Transaction

Love and friendship are common transaction for every teenager so was it for me. Still when I sail back to the memorable teenager days I find myself tangled in the net of sweet and sour. Events still fresh and alive. It was a bright morning of spring when we first met below the green shade of peepal tree. I can still fell the joy of achieving her friendship at the cost of companionship of my faithful friends. I never cared for those losses as I was plunging deep in the ocean of dreams with my little mongolid mermaid. Today at this moment I regret for my silly acts, which seemed meaningful in those days.

It was a snowy evening at a roadside café, not far from the school, where she introduced me to her prince charming. My castle of dreams suddenly collapsed and I was left in solitude to said tears. It was for her I scarified my true friends and now she’s gone. We never meet again though she tries too. It wasn’t her fault, nor was it mine was what it was, was a beautiful flower spring, which blossomed few months and faded in winter.

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(Prashant Dhewaju)

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Anju Gurung said...

Haha...though the background is quite different, i think i can understand this, verbatim... :p