Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Moment with MSP’s

It was almost a year that Microsoft Student Partner was established in Nepal. And i feel proud to be one of them. Since it was almost a year we have only met on the official meeting and training, but not yet now informally.  Me and some MSP’s Ravi and Sabina  has thought to have organize some informal type of meeting at some refreshing spot. so we choose NAGHDAHA as our spot of “fun Meeting” and thought to have no talks of Microsoft on this Meeting, we go only personal.

I was so curious of the day that i wakeup early and start to see in my messenger if there is someone online of not, also confirmed the climate of the day “IS it going ok or not?”, checked everything that should be done. Later arrival of Gaurav support me on organizing it on more systematic way. as schedule  we organizer with some other MSP arrived on the spot and continue to discuss how to process this informal meeting. but the arrival of Participant MSP were out of schedule as usual they were late. Arrival of Allen sir and Udhyan sir was like cherry on cream. Also i would like to thank Allen sir for bringing some cookies and chips for us. Lot of  personal talks and personal information were shared and cannot forget the whole personal detail of aashish, he was sharing his background with Allen sir and we was proud on that. we too have a boating in  Naghdaha which was really funny and was well scary also. During the time of boating MSP were divided into two teams under the leadership of Udhyan sir and Allen sir, also Udhyan sir row the boat. It was full of fun to have boating in Naghdaha, Splashing water to each other's boat, Making other scary and making boat unbalance was very stupid thing but we enjoyed it a lot. and also a default question “Do you have a bf/gf?” during our personal introduction was very funny. with such a fun we have our lunch and we just forget that time to departure has arrived. Before we leave we take a snap of our group snap and moved toward our destination. some MSP’s get ride in Allen sir’s Vehicle and some went on walking. Although it was a lot of fun and we enjoyed it lot. and this will the moment that we MSP will never forget. This is a unreadable memory that will always make remark in our heart forever. At last i would like to thank Allen sir for sharing his precious time with us and also to the Udhyan sir for separating a few hrs for us from his busy schedule. Thank you………Thank you everybody to be part of this…….

Walk To Reality

My dreams are mine, I know they are

Decorated with the joy and sorrow

Every time I close my eyes to sleep

Get lost in the world of dream

With constant visit, from the people known

Doing things the way, I see them do

So my dears take a peep

And visit the land of solitude.

Until you, open your eyes

To the sight a step, back to life

And life is reality not a dream

Krity of:-

Dean Project.