Saturday, November 29, 2008

Difficult Transaction

Difficult Transaction

Love and friendship are common transaction for every teenager so was it for me. Still when I sail back to the memorable teenager days I find myself tangled in the net of sweet and sour. Events still fresh and alive. It was a bright morning of spring when we first met below the green shade of peepal tree. I can still fell the joy of achieving her friendship at the cost of companionship of my faithful friends. I never cared for those losses as I was plunging deep in the ocean of dreams with my little mongolid mermaid. Today at this moment I regret for my silly acts, which seemed meaningful in those days.

It was a snowy evening at a roadside cafĂ©, not far from the school, where she introduced me to her prince charming. My castle of dreams suddenly collapsed and I was left in solitude to said tears. It was for her I scarified my true friends and now she’s gone. We never meet again though she tries too. It wasn’t her fault, nor was it mine was what it was, was a beautiful flower spring, which blossomed few months and faded in winter.

Crity of:-

Dean Project

(Prashant Dhewaju)

Return to path

A path i nearly forgetton, missed i recall it back again. Last time i call my amicable partner i was too glad to hear his voice.i wish may success kiss in his path. he never fails coz he is my friend.I wish i could with him in his worst moment but also wish that never come...............

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pursuit of Happiness

I feel like god is also angry with me.He thinks that I too is born as the symbol of unluckiness.He had send me as the symbol that everyone call "UNLUCKY".but still I feel happy when i succed after a long time of attempt. I feel I have gain the Heaven. Friends are also like that for me now I think like that. They are not for me but I am for them. They use me and throw as the use n throw material found in market. SO GOD PLEASE SEND ME A FRIEND. A friend with clean heart,kindness and truthful. who help me to cross every flood of my life.I wish GOD listen me earlier before it late.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It was almost a month that I hadn’t gone through meditation. “Oh! God, oh! My teacher, please ……do forgive me …I ‘m out of my track. Please …….. Please! Show me the right path……..path to get success, to achieve victory and pride”. With these things in my mind, I stayed for meditation suddenly; I got a message from god……
He said “give me your red orchid”.
I asked “As red rose or???”
He replied “yes“.
I again asked “Will you return it or keep it as red rose?”
I got no answer then… there was a deep silence… a silence covering completely too whole horizon….. I was in dilemma. A voice was coming form dawn asking “Is love necessary for an angel?”
I answered “Everybody need love to live no matter he is a human being or an angel.”
A voice said “You don’t have any right to love. You are here for your duty. You must complete your duty.”
I immediately asked “if there is a duty there must be a right too…..isn’t there?”
The voice answered “yes, of course…. You have rights…. right to fulfill others wishes….right to make others smile, right to create friendship, peace and love.”
I repeat “To create love?”
And the voice replied “yes… to create love. But … keep on your mind not to fall in love.”
I was dumped as my mind blocked out….. I ….then …. Restored my power and asked “When would I be released from my duties?”
He answered “very soon. As soon as you’ll release from this world.”
I was shocked…. He said …. I don’t have much time left …. I don’t have much time now to live in this beautiful world….. if … if .. I love somebody…. Then she’d be …. Sad… and it’d be as if I’m creating sorrowful life to her. I’ll break her heart and… I’ll make her heart cry….. Which I don’t want to … but …. My love????? Well, I can’t spoil any one’s life in fact I can’t spoil her life and I can’t give her false hopes that I couldn’t fulfill… then god responded me saying “ I know your feeling …. But, I can’t do anything for you. These are the rules of nature!
With drops of tears on my eyes I speak for myself “Rules … what’s the need of these rules if it makes everyone sad…. What, what is the need of it if it is nearly impossible to accept…but …. This is the rule.”
With the hope of enthusiasm I undergo my thinking again feeling that I can’t fall in love… but … I can give her every happiness of life, I can show her the right path of victory and success, I can give her love…. Love for which she feels secure and … but … I can’t get love from her …. I’m not so much lucky… A silence was appeared in my room. A small threshold echo of slogan is then heard, a slogan I along with my friends had taken before entering this world…. I am always committed to fulfill the promises we did… in which my mind is always with me but not my heart… I concluded that I’m with great deal of that echo.

Creation By:-
Prashant Dhewaju
(Dean Project).

Return to ORIGIN

After almost 3 years I returned to the orign. With full of joy, grief, happiness and sorrow, I waited it to come. I was so excited that I cannot expalin about my feeling in words retun to the origin. It seems like I waited for a long era to return here. It seems as if I got in heaven of charm. But now the time has come,this tragic time has returned again, in which I should return leaving the origin, the origin apart form myself. The pain of leaving the origin is arising in my heart for what I don’t knowmy right’s . my mind says I should not have waisted such a long period in origin, but my heart says it is not enough to stay at the origin. My mind says if I would get such a pain and grief while returning, better not to have happiness of origin. But my heart says everything has grief, but the origin has omen. Some times it feels such that the mind is right. I cannot bear the pain of sorrow that arises while being apart from origin. But some times feels it is part of nature, I should return. Times is a stone hearted, no feeling on him as like he is punishing others for his own pain.

Day's OF ChildHood

In the dark black sky, when I stare to those twinkling stars I always feel as if I’m experiencing the heaven, The heaven in the sense that all the charm, happiness and fulfilled wishes were there, it is as the days of childhood the day of innocence, adventure and full of fun. Especially I cannot forget chatting with the grandma after coming form school. Mostly listening her fairy tales while sleeping at night, looking at sky and trying to fly like birds, playing with small stones, steps and skipping, sailing paper boat to rainfall, racing with the butterflies to catch them and numerous moments that cannot be forgotten. The day’s of childhood, doing a lot of naughty works as quarreling with parents to fulfill the wishes, playing with food making mesh, acting of having a cigarette as an adult, scratching and throwing toys while getting angry and lot of many more that cannot be explained in words. I can’t forget the dreams from my childhood of being a successful personality in society, to help old and helpless people, to make a step ahead for whole generation. I can’t forget those days passed with my friends roaming up to late evening. Getting punished by teacher when homework is not completed, scold from parents, crying from the fear of exams and making vacation joyful. Those are the things that are passed but the memories still linger. Those are the captured unforgettable moments of my life. I cannot forget those days at heaven also, those wonderful days. Today also as I stay a silence far from this busy world,I wish to have those childhood days which have been lost,…lost within me. I want to search it, find it because those were the best days of my life and would be.

Krity of:-
Prashant Dhewaju.
(Dean Project)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I don't know why I am so sad today no energy,power or interest in myself......... it feel like the hope in the core of heart that stays in my self have been deployed.No more friends are now....... everyone is like stranger for me.Wish with god make me a friend to whom i can believe, trust and walk in the past which s/he leads me with close eyes................. god give me such a good friend.........