Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I still regret for me that act, which left my life barren, dead and drowned. Yes, it is about her, the only true friend I could have ever got. Yes, it was summer of 97’. When she arrived in our class as a new comer. She was a mermaid, and there was no boy in the class who could stop praising her beauty but I was the exception. Telling the truth I Liked her warm reception, her kind heart and the smile by which she would receive me without my knowledge we become best of friends. I could do anything for her friend-ship as love, but it was a blunder. Flattered by my friends I wrote a letter of purpose to her. It was the evening of winter when I gave her the letter. She took it and she went, but never come back. My life rained, she my best friend left me from that day we never talked, and spoke even looked at each other. Then I remembered our friendship was on a pillar which was founded in sympathy, sympathy but no love. Today, still I am searching for my friend whom I lost and I want to ask her will you be my friend again please. But what I receive is silence.

Krity of :-
Prashant Dhewaju
(Dean Project)


deepa said...

Wish you all the best for search.

Sonika Manandhar said...

Expressing blunder in such a gr8 way...wow!!peace!!