Sunday, June 7, 2009

Antiquated love letter



How are you going on? I think fine. Actually what cause me today to write a letter to you even I had no interest. I don’t know what is going. I am just expressing feeling of 7 years in this letter. This letter to you is a short article. I think you know it.

It was an autumn of 97’ I was in grade 7 staying at 13th spring of my life. I use to be a peace lover so lot of newcomer was in our class. She was a mermaid, and there was no boy in the class who could stop praising her beauty but I was the exception. I was much impressed by her when I came to know her academia. She was most talented, amicable, soft hearted and most beautiful one among the girls in class. It was either flattered from my friends or love in core of my heart; I start loving her and become my amour. But I couldn’t dare to purpose her love. Hiding the love in the heart cause great disaster on my academia in the end of session which compels me to move away from her by changing school. Where I got a good environment of learning. But still I can’t forget those loves because it was my first love and may be last one too. During my computer classes in 02’ I use to see her in the way which deeps me in ocean of love time and again. Also it was 02’ when we had completed S.L.C and started to join college for our further study. It was luck or coincidence we again met in college in same class. But this time I found her changed totally. The whom I had love not one appeared but of same image. I tried to search my mermaid whom I love inside her, but I failed I searched for 2 years even though I can’t find her. At last I conclude that the girl whom I love had expired and never try to search her again.

I think you got confuse why this guy is writing this article for me. But don’t be surprised because the school in article is yours one and I think you knew the mermaid. That one is only you.

I was the guy who had love you once upon time but today I had known that one whom I love is some one’s love. Sorry for the letter and all the dramas I had done to express my expired love toward you whom I had known in 7th class.

Written by:-

Prashant Dhewaju

(Dean Project)


deepa said...

Wow. So sweet, your blog always make me feel cry….!!!

archana said...

Gifts are not free in life, its better to earn!! And I guess PD sud at least make her realize ur unconditional love!! Besides that the clouds that is seen together is always changing and do not remains for a long!